how I help

Photo: Becky Asplin photography |

Photo: Becky Asplin photography |


Straightforward coaching and advice to help you help your people GET READY FOR change

Get people-focused change right and you’ll see an impact in business and contract performance: stable or increased productivity, improved service delivery and client satisfaction. This leads to indirect cost reductions too – when employees are clear about what's expected of them, less time is taken up with managing and fixing problems and more on delivering a high quality service.

Organisation change (and how it’s managed and communicated) is identified as one of the six factors highlighted by the UK Health and Safety Executive that can contribute to stress in the workplace. So getting change right for people really matters.

Well-delivered and well-managed, people-focused change can only be good for organisations.

my services

As a consultant and coach I’ll help you and your people through change. Drawing on my trusted team of associates when needed, I work with you to:


Deliver people-focussed change

Together we work out the best approach, with support for you and your teams along the way.


communicate effectively

Develop the right messages and communications you need to share with your teams.


thrive through change

Coaching and wellbeing support to make sure you and your people are in the right place to navigate change.