Jo Twiselton’s story

Photo: Becky Asplin photography |

Photo: Becky Asplin photography |


Jo Twiselton: Change leadership coach and comms whizz

I’m a consultant specialising in change with a focus on communications, engagement and wellbeing. My career in change, marketing, PR and communication in multinational, business-to-business organisations has proved to me how the right approaches during change can make a positive difference to the bottom line.

With this experience in mind I established Twist Consultants in 2004 and now help, typically large, complex organisations usually in the FTSE 500, to establish the right approaches that get people on board during change. I’ve worked with businesses in the aviation, financial services, publishing, media and support services sectors.

my change journey

After getting my post-grad in marketing in 1994, I moved to Finland (working for Nokia) for my first role in marketing comms. I loved it. But moving to a different country and culture opened my eyes to three things that shaped my career and approach forever:

  1. Change is hugely personal

  2. Communication counts – putting yourself in the shoes of the person who’s getting your message is key

  3. Brilliant people leadership can make all the difference

I’m a qualified leadership coach and use those skills to help leaders and comms teams in particular, to navigate some of the trickier parts of transition. I’m all about people and putting them at the heart of any business, any change.

my character strengths

These are the top 10 Via Character strengths that guide me personally and professionally: Curiosity, Love of Learning, Humour, Appreciation of Beauty & Excellence, Creativity, Teamwork, Gratitude, Kindness, Love and Honesty.

my life outside work

I live in Cambridgeshire UK where I love to keep fit, read and spend time with family and friends.

connect with me

If you’re embarking on any kind of change in your business and you want to navigate the people part of change well, give me a shout.