thrive – get fit and stay fit for change

Photo: Becky Asplin photography |

Photo: Becky Asplin photography |


Change can be tricky. It can be even more tricky for leaders where change is constant, challenging and sometimes very personal. Being fit for change, is key to being able to successfully navigate, whatever the change.

I help individuals, teams and leaders – get and stay fit for change. My approach is a mix of coaching and wellbeing advice to help create the right balance, especially during long complex change programmes.

how i help

Coaching in change. Coaching can really help deliver change at an individual and organisational level to drive potential and performance. I offer individual and team coaching, designed to help navigate change or transition.

Wellbeing support. Maintaining and building wellbeing through change is vital for people and organisations, helping to support behaviour and performance through change. Twist offers a range of options, including workshops and other activities to help people maintain and protect their own wellbeing.

Thank you for your mentoring support. You are helping me to see with more clarity what matters to me.
— Communications Manager

Where do you need help? Let’s talk.

If you’re embarking on change; if you’re an organisation that wants to communicate and engage better with your people, or a consultancy or agency that needs change, communication, engagement or coaching support for your clients, let’s talk.