take PEOPLE with you on the change journey.

Smooth the transition of change with minimum disruption and cost by putting your people first.

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Deliver a people focused change approach


Communicate your change effectively


Ensure your people flourish through change


are you grappling with complex change?

The people part of change is so often an afterthought. But it’s vital to get this right if you want to navigate the change journey as painlessly as possible.

Working with leaders, managers and communicators, I provide straightforward change consultancy and leadership coaching, with communication and wellbeing tools that help you deliver sustainable, people-focused change to transform your business for the long- term.

Photo: Becky Asplin photography |  www.beckyasplin.com

Photo: Becky Asplin photography | www.beckyasplin.com


what clients say

Jo played a leading business change role on a large, technically and organisationally complex transformation Programme within easyJet Commercial Systems. Jo repeatedly demonstrated the perfect balance of empathy, clear communications and decisiveness required to make change genuinely stick. Managing business transformation requires a great deal of resiliency, clarity and the ability to see the big picture – Jo has this in spades.
— Paul Sidebottom, Software Engineering, Architecture and Agile Delivery
Jo was critical to the success of the implementation of allocated seating at easyJet. She provided a level of comms structure that ensured all internal and external parties were well managed throughout. We couldn’t have delivered the project without her.
— Sophie Dekkers, UK Country Director, easyJet
Jo has an exceptional talent for diagnosing organisational disorders and prescribing the right solutions. With Jo you get a communications guru, OD wizard and change magician all in one
— Nick Hindley, Workforce Development Manager at Norfolk County Council
I worked with Jo on a multi-million pound contract, providing the UK Ministry of Defence with facilities management and project services. Jo’s natural talent for change management was evidenced every day. Not only was she working with the senior team, providing tools and techniques to help keep the client-facing programme on track, but she supported us in bringing together two, FTSE-150 organisations to work effectively and efficiently. This created even more value for the contract - and the client. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Jo on any change project to ensure a clear focus on smooth transition and achieving the desired outcomes
— Chris Colley, FM and Renewables senior professional


is this you?

We’re struggling to clearly describe the change.
How do we explain why the change is happening, what the future looks like and what’s in it for our people?

We’re facing a big change and we don’t know where to start.
We need an independent facilitator to help us shape our thinking and create action plans.

We want to improve some of our skills needed for change such as resilience and leadership styles
We need a coach to help us develop our coaching culture.

I’m concerned about the wellbeing of our people through change.
How do we keep stress to a minimum? And how do I keep myself fit for change?

We’re keen to make sure the change sticks.
How do we make sure this isn’t just another initiative that fizzles out?