The Twist people change manifesto

People are at the heart of any business change and deserve to be the priority. Leading change from a people perspective can only be good for the everyone in the organisation, for the business and the bottom line.

How to get transformational results through change:

start with people72dpi.jpg

start with people

Whenever you’re leading change, always start here.

change is personal72dpi.jpg

Remember – change is personal, and emotional

Remember what it was like when you last went through a big change? Your employees are no different. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you were going through that change?

shiny stuff72dpi.jpg

Don’t focus on the shiny stuff

Technology is never the answer by itself. Think about people first, and what they may need to get through change.

use good stories72dpi.jpg

Speak in a language people will understand

Forget management textbook talk. Use stories. They are an age-old way of making sense of the world.  Good stories, told in conversation beats emails, hands down.

bridge the gap72dpi.jpg

Bridge the gap and don’t be distant

Talk to people in the right way. Conversations are the life-blood of successful change.

listen stay tuned72dpi.jpg

listen well

As well as the words you hear, try to tune into what isn’t being said. It makes all the difference.

project conscience72dpi.jpg

Be your organisation or project conscience

Listen, play back what you’re hearing, be honest – even if that’s sometimes hard.

ask questions72dpi.jpg

be humble

Whatever you think may be the challenge at the outset – process, tools, technology  or people – you could be wrong. Never be afraid to ask questions.

think about your people72dpi.jpg

think about your people

Ambiguity, uncertainty and poor communication can cause stress. Give them access to tools and techniques to help them through it.

stay grounded72dpi.jpg

stay grounded

Don’t lose the sight of the day-to-day and what really matters to people.

get to the point72dpi.jpg

ask the right questions

And get to the point.

keep motivated72dpi.jpg

keep the vision alive

When change is tricky or lasts for a while, you’ll need a drumbeat to keep people motivated.

Change is tough, whether you’re leading it, going through it or communicating it. Twist Consultants is here to help good leaders and organisations navigate the people part of the change journey as painlessly as possible.